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Sejarah Singkat Mongolia, Sinkiang, Tannu Tuva Semenjak 1912

Sejarah Singkat Mongolia, Sinkiang, Tannu Tuva Semenjak 1912

Ivan Taniputera
12 Oktober 2012

Kutipan dari "World Communism Today" by Martin Ebon, Whittlesey House, 1948, halaman 378:

"Outer Mongolia in central Asia was separated from China in 1912 and became a protectorate of Czarist Russia. In 1924, a "Mongolian People's Republic" was set up which isolated itself from the rest of the world, except the Soviet Union. The country is governed by Marshal Kharloin Choibalsan. After Japan's collapse in 1945, a Soviet-sponsored plebiscite in Outer Mongolia resulted in 487,409 votes favoring independence from China.

To the south, Inner Mongolia, an outlying dependency of China, announced its independence on April 23, 1947. Characteristically, the announcement of this event came from Chinese Communist radio; the "People's Representative Assembly" of Inner Mongolia met inside Communist-controlled territory of Manchuria. the People's Revolutionary Party is the party of Communists in both Mongolian regions.

The Chinese government believes that the Soviet Union aspires to set up a Communist-controlled region in at least part of Sinkiang (Chinese Turkestan). Clashes at the Singkiang-Outer Mongolian border occured during the summer of 1947. Another central Asiatic region, Tannu Tuva was absorbed by the Soviet Union on October 11, 1944. It became the "Tuva Autonomous Region" of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and is governed by the local Communist Party's secretary general, S. K. Toka."

Komentar: Saya pada mulanya ingin mencari sejarah kawasan Tannu Tuva di Mongolia, namun menemukan data bahwa ternyata Mongolia Dalam pernah memproklamasikan kemerdekaannya pada tanggal 23 April 1047. Ini merupakan informasi yang menarik.